Support affordable child care for all

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Starting July 22, tell the world why you support the Affordable Child Care for All plan.

What would affordable, quality child care and fair wages for child care workers mean?

Take a photo or short video with the words “Child care for all means…”, using the printable sign attached or write your message directly on the photo using your Facebook app or any app you prefer. 

Then post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with hashtags #affordablechildcare, #cdnchildcare, #childcarenow and #election2019.

How would life in Canada change if:

  • child care costs were affordable?
  • there was quality child care closer to home?
  • child care centres could support special needs?
  • workers had access to flexible child care?
  • the child care workforce made a wage that matched their education and experience?

We look forward to seeing the wide range of ways that quality, affordable child care could change lives.

Please sign the petition to federal leaders asking them to support affordable child care for all. Read more about the Affordable Child Care for All Plan

Downloadable sign here

PDF icon Child care printable


July 22, 2019