Phoenix pressure yields results; government not off the hook

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is encouraged by the funding commitment for Phoenix in this budget. However, the budget does not include an exemption from paying back the gross amount for overpayments in 2017.

Our members complied with this government’s instructions to report overpayments by January 19 and yet thousands of members will still need to pay back the gross because of the government’s inability to process their reports.

“The government is finally listening to our demands thanks to the hard work and pressure from our members,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “We are encouraged by the commitment to hiring compensation advisors – but we will need to hold this government’s feet to the fire to ensure they deliver.”

“We will only have a decisive victory when our members are finally made whole, and they’re paid correctly and on time. Until then, the government is not off the hook.”

More action needed on gender equality

The government’s commitment to introduce pro-active pay equity legislation in 2018 is long overdue.

“If this government is truly committed to addressing gender inequality, then they need to go further – we need more investments in affordable, quality child care,” said Benson.

“The federal budget does not include any new funding to increase affordability and accessibility to child care, even though it is the most significant barrier to women’s equal participation in the workforce.”


February 27, 2018