Leadership Courses

Union Development Program (UDP) prepares union activists to assume leadership roles in the union and the broader labour and social justice movements.  The in-residence course is offered in three modules, held over two five-day periods and one six-day period.  It covers union leadership at the workplace, labour’s role in society, and leadership in action. Participants work on assignments between modules, giving them a chance to practice their new skills in their workplaces, Locals and communities.

Leadership I is offered once every three years, before the National PSAC Triennial Convention.  It is open to newly elected Component National Officers, Regional Council members, National Aboriginal People’s Circle and Equal Opportunities Committee members, as well as to the elected representatives for eligible Directly Chartered Locals. Participants examine the global forces that shape their workplaces and analyze the resulting challenges faced by members.  They reflect on what makes a good leader and have opportunity to practice their leadership skills.

Leadership ll is offered once every three years to all national Component National Officers, Regional Council, Equal Opportunities Committee and National Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle members, as well as elected representatives for eligible large Directly Chartered Locals.   The course is new each time it is delivered and prepares leaders to implement the priorities and plans established by the PSAC National Board of Directors.  

September 16, 2013