Bill C-4

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Eight things you need to know about Bill C-4

Bill C-4 takes away the democratic rights of federal public sector employees and seriously undermines the health and safety protections in the Canada Labour Code covering workers under federal jurisdiction.

PSAC is challenging the constitutionality of Bill C-4 in the courts but wants the Government of Canada to fix the problem itself rather than spend citizens' money on costly litigation.

Bill C-4 changes the definition of “danger” to “imminent or serious threat to the life or health of a person”.

  • Bill C-4 removes the concept of danger as a potential occurrence.  It removes the language of a “potential hazard”.  (Subsection 122(1))
  • Bill C-4 removes the idea that workers deserve protection from activities or conditions that could cause them danger in the future.
  • When you marry this up with the removal of the word “illness”, workers will likely not be able to claim protection from potential chronic or slow developing illnesses based on exposure to carcinogens (such as asbestos). 
  • The new definition of danger also removes the concept of complaining about unsafe work based on its impact on a worker’s reproductive system.  The existing definition of danger permits complaints based on the impact to someone’s reproductive system.  The new definition eliminates that as a basis for complaint.